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Into The Clearing's Story

As you look around you see there are many needs in our community. today with all of the changes that we are experiencing there are more challenges being faced to support our families.

This non profit is designed to bring encouragement to struggling single moms and their children. The average income for many families is below the sustainable income needed to support the basic needs of affordable housing and transportation. While we cannot change the overall issue... we can bring a smile to someone’s heart by providing encouragement, direction, and some financial help.

We are not government funded, but instead are supported by local families who want to reach out to other local families in need and making our community a better place to live.  For some:

  • it’s new shoes and clothing for their children

  • a weeks worth of groceries until their next check comes in

  • it may be a utility bill when work is slow

  • helping with medical bill when the unexpected happens

  • child care

We take families on a case by case basis with no discrimination.  What we do look for is that the person is proactively a part of the solution to their need.  There are many scenarios to situations we here two are exactly the same. We have helped the homeless, the abused, moms in school, the mentally challenged, those who have lost their jobs, those who just needed temporary help to make it through a difficult situation, and many more heartbreaking stories.

The bottom line is their are people around us that need a little help now and then and if we can help...WE DO... which often brings courage and strength to families in our community that are feeling overwhelmed.  Many of the people we have helped have come back when they were doing better and decided to “pay it forward “, by giving to the next family in need... which is one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced!









One of our goals in the future is to have a place in the community to connect the people in need to the many people who would like to help in a variety of ways, whether through a class, a job opportunity, affordable housing, a food pantry, or some similar scenario.

Location: We are located and serve in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Why we got started: I am involved with Into The Clearing because of desire to help young mothers in difficult circumstances with children to raise. These young moms and their children are in extremely vulnerable and often dangerous positions.


I have worked with these women one on one and have seen strong and beautiful transformations bringing healing, health and success to the families in need. Into the Clearing currently has no paid employees, so as a result all donations go directly to serving these in need.

Into The Clearing is a Florida non-profit organization, which has a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Thank you for your donations, which will be used to show God’s mercy, and hope to the oppressed and needy.

Financial support and gifts are fully tax deductible and can be made online using the "Donate Now" link below, or contact us by phone or email for other ways to give to support this ministry. 

Into The Clearing includes the vision of a broader worldview in teaching these young women the joy of serving others by providing ways for them to help women locally and in other countries through prayer and other means of support as opportunities present themselves.

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